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Easy to convert videos now
I've no idea that convert between different video formats could be so easy.

koltonh2002 from New Zealand | Jun.08, 2014

Fast video conversion speed! More importantly I can finally watch the converted MOV videos on QuickTime.

Killthepig from the United States | May.16, 2014

It's cool that I can convert videos to any format I want! I never worry about the videos compatibility issue since I have this software.

natboy from the United States | Mar. 26, 2014

Great Video Converter
This download worked. So I could solve the problem with my grandson's PSP. He and I, we are both happy now!!

Mateus from New Zealand | Mar. 19, 2014

Very effective!
Yes this little program absolutely helps me solve video compatibility problems. I have downloaded bunches of video files in AVI, WMV, MKV, and even RMVB, now I can enjoy all of them on my iPad 4, convenient!
John from USA | Feb. 06, 2014
Did a good job
This is the most awesome Video Codec I've used. Wanna know why? Go try it out! :P
Franco from USA | Jan. 01, 2014
Amazing! Easy enough
I have been using this software for months with no problems what-so-ever. It works perfectly with my Windows 8, converts any video files formats for my iPhone 5 and my wife's Samsung Galaxy S4.
Megored from USA | Dec. 28, 2013
Operate fast
It has converted everything I have thrown at it, even HD .avi files. Creates a beautiful picture from HD Xvid to mpeg2 and sound is always synced right on. And the speed is fast.
Mathdipp from Australia| April 25, 2013
very powerful
Great software! I like all the video and audio options you can convert to or from. Extract audio from video edit video I download video from YouTube. I will take a music video and extract the audio in WAV format put it on CD or MP3 for my MP3 player the audio sounds great the video quality is very good no matter the format.
Jimdrago from UK | April 23, 2013
Easy and safe!
The converted video file looks great. I converted some of my video files already, I really like this program because of its smooth and fast conversion. Tenorshare, GOOD JOB!
Petermikko from Japan | April 21, 2013
I recommend it
This program seems to have a good hold on converting files. Not only does it work with audio and video files, it will even join them! Everything I've used has worked great. It converts audio files at lightning speed. For videos, it takes a bit longer depending on the conversion format and the quality you want. However, it's well within reason and performs wonderfully on my dual core Windows 7 SP1 64-bit edition PC.
BDWong from Hong Kong | April 17, 2013
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He estado usando este software durante meses sin problemas lo que tan nunca. Funciona perfectamente con mi Windows 8, convierte cualquier formato de archivos de vídeo para el iPhone 5 y el de mi esposa Samsung Galaxy S4.

- Megored de EE.UU.