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Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery for Mac

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5 stars
Overall performance is excellent. Definitely five stars!
Sunflower from France | Jul. 09 2014
pretty cool
And this is pretty cool to view the contents in my iTunes backup. I thought I would lose the contacts for good as my iPhone now get a broken screen.
penny from the United States | Jun. 13, 2014
Nice Interface & Free to try
The program has a nice interface and it's free to try. I think this is the best part. It's also amazing to view all those files in my iTunes backup.
Detto from the United States | Mar. 26, 2014
Recovered my photos after factory restore iPhone
Thank you for your great product. It saved me from re-entering 100s of contacts that were lost after factory restore iPhone 4S.
Alan from the United States | Feb. 09, 2014
I restored a lot of data from iTunes backup
I restored a lot of data from iTunes backup on Macbook. It's amazing to know that I can have data on iPad again without having iPad at hand!
Norman from UK | Jan. 16, 2014
The full version works and I have recovered what I wanted from my iPad.
Richard Phillips from Australia | Jan. 03, 2014
Amazing software. Having it on my Mac just makes all my contacts, photos and other iPhone files easy to manage and recover.
Sebastian Castro from the United States | Oct. 6, 2013
Works as it says, beautiful UI
I find another great software for my iPhone. I will try it for my iPad later. Thanks for doing this!
John Smith from the United States | March 19, 2013
Does work
I used to worry a lot about all the photos, notes and reminders on my iPhone, which are quite important to me. With iTunes Data Recovery for Mac, I do not have to worry about all these. It seems to be an useful tool.
vitor from Australia | Feb. 14, 2013
Great software
I have some very important photos that I took a long time ago, and I just couldn't find these photos a week ago. Now with iTunes Data Recovery, I easily restored all the photos from iTunes backup after clicking a few buttons. I have to say it's a great software tool.
D.Lee from the United States | Dec. 29, 2012
I Love iTunes Data Recovery!
It works perfectly to get back lost data on my iPhone 4S. I love iTunes Data Recovery for Mac!
MARY SHADE from Canada Oct. 10, 2012
Surprised to see how it works
This app has a clean and inticing interface that is easy to navigate. Most importantly, it helped me find my lost contacts after I update to iOS 6. I was so surprised at how fast it worked. Wish I had known this tool before…
Kenneth E Benson from the United States | Sep. 22, 2012
Excellent for iOS Devices
Just like so many other apps and software, this tool makes data recovery much easier.
J Lenehan from the United States | June 24, 2012
5 Star Software!!!
I'd rate Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery 5 Star software. It allows me to retrieve pictures from iPad mini backup. The great UI guides me through every step of the recovery. And I do not need to connect iPad to my Mac. Just need to make sure the iPad backup is stored on Mac.
ilovemama from India | Nov. 19, 2011
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iTunes Data Recovery for Mac
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Software increíble. Tenerlo en mi Mac sólo hace que todos mis contactos, fotos y otros archivos de iPhone fácil de manejar y recuperarse.

- Castro de Estados Unidos