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Top Two Ways to Create a System Image Backup on Windows 8.1

Either your computer is preinstalled with Windows 8 after purchase, or you recently updated your computer to Windows 8.1, you are strongly recommended to make a system backup to protect system and data. Read on to check the top 2 ways to create a system image backup in windows 8.1/8.

Top Two Ways to Create a System Image Backup on Windows 8.1

Way One: Use Windows Data Backup Tool

We recommend Tenorshare Data Backup which provides 4 ways for backup: back up your data and files from one disk to a new disk, from one partition to a new, create an image for partition, or make an image for your whole system. With this single backup tool, you can backup programs, system settings and files on windows 8 safely and easily. Moreover, it supports all Windows OS including Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, or Windows XP.

Steps to Make Windows 8.1/8 Backup Image with Tenorshare Data Backup

Firstly please download and install Tenorshare Data Backup to the computer that you will back up with. Follow the simple four steps below to backup Windows.

  • Step 1: Open the software and select "Disk to Image" from the options provided. select disk to image
  • Step 2: Select the hard disk you would like to back up, and click Next button. backup windows 8 system
  • Step 3: Connect an external hard drive and select it as the destination folder to save the backup image file. Please enter the file name with an .img suffix. Click Next button to continue. create a backup image
  • Step 4: Choose compression level. The higher the compression ratio is, the less archive file size it will be. select compression level
  • Step 5: Click Next button, this data backup software starts to create an image backup for your Windows system. This process takes a few minutes only. After it completes, all your data are backed up in an IMG file.
  • back up windows system successfully

In future when you want to restore your system from the backup, just choose Disk from Image option in this software. It restores all disk contents from backed up image file.

Way Two: Use System Image Backup in Windows 8

System Image Backup in Windows 8.1 has been moved to the lower left corner of the File History tool in Control Panel.

  • Click Search on the lower-right corner of the screen, and select File History. search for file history on windows 8.1
  • In File History control pane, click System Image Backup. If you have not turned on the File History, click Turn on button to enable it. system image backup

This is the top two ways to backup your Windows system as an image file so that you can restore your data at a later time. If you lost photos, videos, e-mails or documents before you realize you need a system backup, you can recover the lost files with a Windows Data Recovery Tool.

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