How to Erase Mac Hard Drive Securely and Permanently

Why Need to Wipe Mac Hard Drive

Planning on selling your MacBook? Needing to hand over your Mac computer to company before leaving? Whatever you want to deal with your Mac computer, one question comes to mind. How do you remove personal data from Mac hard disk? You should know that delete the files or empty the Trash bin make your files inaccessible on the surface; actually the deleted files can be recovered easily by Mac data recovery software. This article will guide you how to securely erase the Mac hard drive data to avoid any potential data leak. Once you erase and reset Mac OS to factory settings, all data is removed and unrecoverable.

Steps to Erase Mac Hard Disk Securely

Note: The wiping process will erase all data and there is no way to recover back. You should back up the Mac hard drive with time machine or other backup software firstly.
  • Step 1: Restart your MacBook or iMac and hold down the Command and R keys simultaneously. This will load the OS X Utilities screen.
  • enter mac os utilites
  • Step 2: Choose Disk Utility and press Continue button.
  • Step 3: You enter the Disk Utility window, and here you can manage your installed hard drives on Mac. We suggest you unplug external hard drive from Mac.
  • Step 4: From the left menu, you will see a list of your Mac’s hard disks. Select the hard disk that you want to erase.
  • Step 5: Select the Erase tab on the top options. Here you can select the Format and name the hard disk. The default OS X format should be Mac OS X Extended (Journaled).
  • erase mac hard disk
  • Step 6: Click Security Options. The options within specify how to erase the selected disk to prevent disk recovery applications from recovering it. In general, if you are planning selling your computer, drag the slider to the right end (overwrite seven passes). If you just want to clean up the disk data as much as possible, one pass should be enough. Note that the less securer, the faster the erase process.
  • mac disk utility erase options
  • Step 7: Confirm you settings and click the Erase button. Now all data in your Mac hard drive is starting erasing. The whole process may take a while.
  • Step 8: Once the wipe completes, the drive will be wiped and formatted. You need to reinstall the Mac OS X. Click Reinstall OS X in OS X Utilities window. reinstall mac os
    Tip: You have to connect to internet in order to download the installation files from App Store. Sometimes you might be prompted to enter your Apple ID.
  • Step 9: After the installation is completed, the Mac will reboot and enter to the welcome screen. You can set up the Mac or just leave it up to the new user. mac welcome screen

Not complicated, right? Your Mac is now as new as on shelf and your personal data is secure and guaranteed.

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