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How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer

transfer contact from iphone to computer

Need to backup your contacts and transfer it to your computer? Well, if you have done then it's a smart move and if you haven't done then you should better transfer your contacts from iPhone to computer. If you lost your iPhone or let's say you did a hard reset then all your contacts will be gone and if you have transferred contacts to your computer then you can store those contacts back to you iPhone. Here, you will get to know some easy and best way on how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Computer.

Way 1: How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer with Tenorshare iCareFone

Tenorshare iCareFone is the easy and best way one can use to transfer contacts from iPhone to Computer.You can transfer contacts in bulk or selectively using this software. It supports systematic management of contacts as well as lets users to add the contact and delete duplicate contacts. Moreover, you can export contacts to different formats like backup files, excel file, text file, xml file. It supports iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6s and other previous models.

Step-by-step guide to transfer contacts with Tenorshare iCareFone:

1. First download and install this transfer tool. Connect your iPhone to computer and then click on File Manager.

main interface icarefone

2. Click on Contacts option that you can see on the screen.

tenorshareicarefone contacts

3. You will get all the contacts of your iPhone on the screen, next click on Export button where you will see four options to backup contacts.

Export contacts using tenorshareicarefone

4. Choose the option according to your desire and your contacts will be saved on your computer.

This way you can save contacts to your computer effortlessly. There is no limit of transferring contacts to your computer and even you can send contacts all at once or only the selected contacts that you need.

Way 2: How to Backup iPhone Contacts to Computer using iTunes

Saving contacts on your computer can be an easy job using iTunes, which is generally used by most of the users. Your contacts will be saved from iPhone to computer automatically unless you have disable that function. Just make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer and have working USB cable. Follow the steps as shown below:

1. Connect iPhone to Computer using USB cord and open iTunes.

2. Click on Device button.

3. Click on Summary, make sure you have selected "This computer" option (You will find under Backups section).

4. Click on Back Up Now.

backup contacts using itunes

Now all your contacts will be backed up on your computer and you can use it according to your need.

Way 3: How to Download Contacts from iPhone to Computer with iCloud

You can even use iCloud to download contacts to your computer. This is also one of the easy methods to sync contacts from iPhone to Computer. In this method, you need to turn on contacts so that it will be synchronized to your iCloud and after that you can download it from iCloud.

1. First Go to Settings >> Click on [your name] and tap on iCloud.

2. Turn on Contacts that you can see on the list.

enable contacts

3. After that you need to open your computer and login to (+nofollow)

4. Enter Apple ID and Password, select "Contacts" (You can see contacts options on the screen).

select contacts from icloud

5. Click gear icon (You will see on the lower-left side of the screen) and choose Select All.

6. Click on Export vCard.

export contacts to computer

Way 4: How to Send Contacts from iPhone to Computer with Email

You can even send contacts from iPhone to Computer with the help of Email. iPhone has an option mail from where you can easily send contact to your email and can download on your computer. This is an easy and quick way to transfer contacts.

1. Unlock your iPhone >> Go to Contacts.

2. Select certain contacts that you want to send >> Tap on Share Contact.

select contact to share the contact

3. Select Mail and send to your email.

share iphone contacts with email

4. Open the email on your computer >>Download the contacts.

This way you can share contacts from iPhone to computer with the help of email but the sad thing about this method is that you can send only one contact at a time. That means if you need to send large number of contacts using email then you need to send it again and again.

So, these are some possible ways on how do I transfer contacts from iPhone to Computer. All the methods are easy but most of them has long process and even they consume a lot of time to transfer the photo while Tenorshare iCareFone is simple and easy which transfer contacts from iPhone to computer in no time. Let us know how did you feel using iCareFone in comment section below.

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