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How to Copy Contacts from iPhone to Computer

Well, it must be an easy job of copying contacts from iPhone to PC. Don't you think so? But have you ever thought of any other methods which could replace the traditional method of copying the contacts. There are several other ways using which you can quickly get the cpntacts transferring job done. You can even learn some new features while using different alternative to download contacts. In this article you will get to know different ways on how to copy contacts from iPhone to computer. So make sure you read everything to know the process correctly.

Part 1: The Easiest Way to Copy Contacts from iPhone to PC and Mac

You will never find any easy and better way to move contacts from iPhone to PC and Mac once you start using Tenorshare iCareFone. This tool provides more features and advantages apart from copying the contacts. It is really easy to use with intuitive interface because of which any first time user can also use like a pro. Some of the advantages of using Tenorshare iCareFone are given below:

  • Supports with systematic management of contacts: Add, delete duplicate contact.
  • Bulk or selective transfer at one time.
  • Two way transfer: iOS devices to computer or vice versa.
  • Allows to export contacts to different formats like backup files, excel file, text file, xml file.
  • Supports iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6s and even previous models.
  • Steps to download contacts to your PC and Mac:

    1. First download and install Tenorshare iCareFone, connect your iPhone to computer and then click on File Manager.

    main interface mac icarefone

    2. Now click on Contacts option that you can see on the screen.

    select contacts

    3. You will find all the contacts of your iPhone, next click on Export button where you will see 4 options to backup contacts.

    Export contacts using tenorshare icarefone

    4. Choose the export format as you like and your contacts will be saved on your PC or Mac.

    Part 2: How to Copy Contacts from iPhone to PC

    Copying contacts to your PC can be an interesting task as you will get to know how iCloud works in transferring contacts as well as how does email works in sending the iPhone contacts. Step-by-Step procedure is mentioned below regarding how to copy contacts using iCloud and email.

    Way 1: Download iPhone Contacts to PC with iCloud

    Downloading iPhone contacts to PC using iCloud is an easy and reliable way. First you just need to enable iCloud backup contacts which means all your contacts will be stored on iCloud and after that you need to login to iCloud website to export the contacts on you PC. Follow the steps as shown below.

    1. First Go to Settings>>Click on [your name].

    2. Tap on iCloud>> Toggle on Contacts.

    enable contacts

    3. Next you need to open your computer.

    4. Then login to (+nofollow)

    5. After that enter Apple ID and Password >> Select "Contacts" (You can see contacts options on the screen).

    select contacts from icloud

    6. Click gear icon (You will see on the lower-left side of the screen) >> Choose Select All.

    7. Click on Export vCard.

    export contacts to computer

    Now all your exported contacts will be saved on your computer and you can find them in the location where you have set while downloading. If you like to download only few contacts rather than downloading all then follow the steps given below:

    8. Press Shift or Ctrl and select contacts >> Click on gear icon >> Click Export vCard.

    Way 2: Send iPhone Contacts to PC via Email

    Using email you can send the contacts in quick way. But the drawback of this method is that you can send only one contact at one time. So, this method may be time consuming to you, if you have to send a lot of contacts.

    Steps showing how to send iPhone contacts to PC via email:

    1. First go to Contacts.

    2. Then select contact that you want to send.

    3. Tap on Share Contact >> Select Mail.

    share iphone contacts with email

    4. Now send to your email.

    send iphone contacts by email

    5. Finally open the email on your PC>> Download the contact.

    Part 3: How to Import Contacts from iPhone to Mac

    Importing contacts from iPhone to Mac can also be done using the following ways.

    Way 1: Sync iPhone Contacts to Mac with iTunes

    You can even sync contacts from iPhone to Mac with iTunes. It is a simple way to transfer contacts. Once you sync your iPhone to Mac, contacts will automatically store on your Mac unless the function has been disabled.

    Process showing how to import contacts to Mac:

    1. First connect your iPhone to Mac using USB cord.

    2. Then launch iTunes >> Click on Device button.

    3. Click on Summary >>Select "This computer" option (You will find under Backups section) >> Click on Back Up Now.

    backup contacts using itunes

    All your contacts will be stored on your Mac.

    Way 2: AirDrop Contacts from iPhone to Mac

    AirDrop is another way to transfer contacts from iPhone to Mac. In this method the first thing that you need to do is enable the AirDrop option on iPhone and then in Mac. Follow the steps given below accordingly.

    Note: Make sure you have turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your iPhone as AirDrop only works when both are on.

    1. Go to Control Center on your iPhone >> Tap AirDrop.

    enable airdrop on iphone

    2. You can choose whether you want to send contacts to everyone or your contact list persons.

    3. Now open your Mac >> Click on Finder.

    4. Click on AirDrop (You can see AirDrop on the left side of the screen).

    5. If you want to receive contacts from everyone's iPhone than choose "Allow me to be discovered by Everyone" option, which you can find at the bottom of the screen.

    enable airdrop on mac

    6. As you have turned on AirDrop on both iPhone and Mac.

    7. Select the contacts >> Tap on Share.

    8. You can see Apple devices/Person photo on the AirDrop section with which you can share contacts>> Tap on it.

    airdrop contact from iphone to mac

    Hopefully, from now onwards you won't need to ask anyone how do I copy contacts from iPhone to Computer? For the easy copying of contacts and better experience you should go for Tenorshare iCareFone. Let us know what you think about these methods.

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