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Top 3 Ways to Block Text Messages on iPhone in iOS 11/10

As text messages, also called SMS, are easy to use and can deliver information quickly without doing much work, they have been widely applied for promotion and notification, and there are times you may receive these annoying spam messages from telemarketer, online websites, advertising agencies or even unknown senders. If you are disturbed and want to stop receiving messages on iPhone, read on to find 3 ways below about how to block text messages on iPhone with iOS 11 and earlier.

Method 1: Block Text Messages Caller on Messages Service

Unwanted or spam text messages are quite annoying and will take up the memory space on your iOS 11 devices, and what's worse, keeping receiving spam text messages means your personal information might have been exposed. To achieve iPhone message blocking, do the following:

1. Tap Messages icon and find the text message you don't want to receive or have contacts again.

2. Click the exclamatory mark on the top right corner with iOS 12/11/10 or called Details on earlier versions, then you will see more details.

3. Tap the phone number to enter the profile interface. Scroll down to the bottom and check Block this Caller option there. This will block messages and calls on iPhone at the same time.

block phones calls and messages on iphone

After what you have done, you will not receive either phone calls or text messages any more from the people on the block list.

Method 2: Filter Text Messages on iPhone Settings

If you don't want be bothered by someone you know or somebody you don't want be in touch with any more, in iPhone settings you can find how to block text messages from a certain number.

1. Go to iPhone Settings >Messages >Blocked and choose Add New option.

spam short message blocking in iphone

2. Search for and find the certain number from your contacts or type the phone number you'd like to block.

spam short message blocking in iphone

Then none of these people in blocked list can call you or send messages to you unless you unblock it later.

Method 3: Block iOS 11 Messages Using Do Not Disturb During Driving

iOS 11 introduces an advanced feature called Do Not Disturb While Driving, which allow incoming calls, notifications and text messages blocking when you are driving. With iOS 10 and earlier, it's basically similar and called Do Not Disturb. This is a good way especially if you don't be distracted when driving or just feel blue.

To stop text message receiving on your iOS 11 iPhone, simply navigate to Settings > General > Restrictions > Do Not Disturb While Driving. You can choose to manually launch the mode or when connect to Car Bluetooth. After that you will see a little moon icon on the top menu bar, it means you have successfully enabled it.

spam short message blocking in iphone

All the messages and alerts will be intercepted and auto replied with this mode on.

do not disturb while driving auto reply

Extra Tip: How to Clean Up Text Messages Occupied iPhone Memory?

How to clean up text messages occupied iPhone memory? Tenorshare iCareFone Cleaner will be your best choice. Here's the user guide:

Free download and install this cleaning master on your PC/Mac and connect your iOS 11 devcie with it. You will see the detailed usage of iPhone's storage when detected. For normal clean up, just click Start to scan device and remove junk files, temp files, photos, videos, apps, etc accordingly.

connect iphone

If you want a thorough system cleanup, you can head for Full Data Eraser section, which will wipe out all contents from your iOS 11 device and greatly boost the performance.

connect iphone

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