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Top 4 Ways to Wipe iPhone Clean Before Selling or Giveaway

There are so many people who sells or giveaway their iPhone every day but in some of the cases it has found that the owner forgot to clean the iPhone or don’t know how to wipe the iPhone because of which all the data and information are still there. Due to which your data and information can be misused so you should always reset your iPhone before selling or giving your iPhone to someone. Here, I will show you how to wipe iPhone before selling. You will learn few more methods that will help you to wipe iPhone completely.

Part 1: How Do I Wipe My iPhone

Recently, I faced a serious problem with my iPhone. I forgot my passcode and after so many failed attempt it showed that my iPhone is disabled and I didn’t know what to do. One of my friend suggested me to use Tenorshare 4uKey. After that I downloaded and used it. This tool is a life-saving tool which easily solved my disabled iPhone problem. This tool is more suitable for locked, disabled or broken iPhone. It easily breaks 4-digit/6-digit passcode, Touch ID & Face ID. It also supports the latest version of iOS 12.

Process on how to completely wipe an iPhone:

1. First launch 4uKey on your computer after that join your iPhone via USB cord.

launch 4ukey on  computer

2. Once you connect your iPhone to computer, 4uKey will automatically detected your iPhone. Click “Start” to go to next step.

main interface of  4ukey to start

3. A screen will appear asking you to download the latest firmware package online. Just click on Download button to start download.

download the firmware  package online

4. Click on “Unlock Now” button as soon as you see a screen after the firmware completes downloading.

5. It will start to wipe your iPhone and will take some times to complete the wiping process.

removing the passcode  of iphone

You will be shown a screen saying the process is completed.

Part 2: Other Ways to Wipe iPhone Clean

There are even some methods which is used to wipe iPhone clean. These methods includes erasing iPhone using Settings menu, iCloud and iTunes. You can use this method to clean your iPhone but it really doesn’t work as smooth and fast like 4uKey. Though it is better to learn some extra methods which might benefit your somewhere.

Steps on how to wipe iPhone cleanusing Settings:

The first method is wiping iPhone using settings menu. In this method you just need to know the passcode of your iPhone so that you can unlock the device and also should have enough battery so that it can complete the process.

1. Open your iPhone and go to Settings >> tap on General >> tap on Reset.

2. Next tap on Erase All Content and Settings which will be the second option.

erase all content and  settings of iphone

3. A message will be display on your phone screen. Tap on Erase iPhone option to confirm your process and enter you passcode to proceed next.

Within few minutes all your data of your iPhone will be wiped out. You can even select Set Up as New iPhone.

erase iphone and set  up new iphone

Steps on how to wipe out iPhone using iCloud:

The second method to wipe your iPhone completely is using iCloud. This is a new method which doesn’t require any USB cable to be connected instead it works wirelessly. You can wipe data remotely even if you don’t have iPhone besides you.

1. First open your computer and visit website (www.iCloud.com) also enter your Apple ID and Password.

login page of icloud

2. Select “All Devices” after that choose your iPhone which you want to wipe using iCloud.

3. Now click on “Erase iPhone”.

erase iphone using  icloud

In case you are using your computer and also want to jump the verification process in the future then just click on Trust but if you are not using your computer or trusted browser then you can answer the security question or enter the verification code which will be sent to other devices.

Finally your iPhone will be wiped out completely.

Steps on how do I wipe my iPhone with iTunes:

The third method to clean iPhone completely is using iTunes. iTunes is a default app provided by Apple for its user convenience. Just make sure to install latest version of iTunes on your PC or Mac. This process requires USB cable so you better get a working USB cable which you need to connect between iPhone and computer.

1. Using your USB cable connect your iPhone to computer and open iTunes. You need to click on device icon to select your iPhone from the list.

2. After that click on Summary tab and then click on Restore iPhone that will be on the upper right side of the screen.

restore iphone with  itunes

3. Click on Restore option once you see a confirmation message on the screen.

wipe iphone clean

I hope you have learned how to wipe an iPhone easily. Use 4uKey to erase your iPhone completely. This tool works really fast and smoothly as well as it is more easy to use compared to any other methods mentioned above. This tool is more convenient and doesn’t have any kind of limitation that you usually see in other methods.

Feel free to comment below.

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