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Full Review of Spyzie Mobile Tracker in 2024

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-04-17 / Update for  change location

Spyzie mobile tracker is multifunctional mobile tracking software that yields numerous benefits and features to the user. We can think of it as a surveillance tool that ensures device monitoring of an individual without making the process seem evident or suspicious. 

spyzie mobile tracker

Users can seamlessly install the application on a mobile phone and sit back as they gain access to multiple programs, applications, and information on the device. 

Part 1: What Is Spyzie Mobile Tracker

Spyzie mobile tracker is best known for being an undetected mobile tracker that comes with options like spyzie gps tracker. The application can be hidden after installation and the app icon simply disappears without leaving any trace of its existence on the target device. 

Moreover, the application runs in the background without slowing the phone or draining its battery. It single-handedly allows the user to gain safe and ensured access to the contents of the device on which it gets installed. 

The users of this application swear by the ease of access and user-friendly interface of the application that gives a comprehensive outlook for prompt interaction and smooth user engagement. 

Part 2: Main Features of Spyzie Mobile Tracker

Spyzie Mobile tracker comes with numerous attractive and useful features clubbed together in one application. Some of the main features of this splendid application are-

1. WhatsApp Spy

What if you want to keep a tab of the WhatsApp messages of your child? What if you need to make sure your employee is focusing on their assigned work and not messing around during office hours? This is where Spyzie WhatsApp Spy helps you track their activities without alarming them. 

You can easily get access to the WhatsApp messages and shared media of the device owner along with the contact information of the message senders and receivers and conversation timestamps. 

2. Snapchat Spy

Snapchat is a prominent means of message and media exchange in the current generation. But how to know if your loved ones are engaging in a safe conversation and are away from potential threats? How can you spy on their Snapchat without drawing any attention? 

Spyzie Snapchat Spy does that for you. With Snapchat Spy you get access to all the Snapchat conversations, account handles, media saved and shared, and the snap statuses of the ongoing conversations. You also get access to the past chat records and other details of the user. 

3. Spy on SMS

Spying on mobile SMS might seem a tricky job but with Spyzie it seems more like a cakewalk! The application allows you to access the mobile SMS directory and track all latest and past conversations, contact information, and time stamps. 

4. GPS Location Tracking

Spyzie location tracker allows the user to track the current location of the mobile on which the application is installed. Spyzie GPS monitors not only the live location of an individual but also their former location as their GPS history. 

Part 3: What Device does Spyzie Support

Spyzie can get installed on all iOS and Android devices. It is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and tablets. All the user needs to do is download and install it on the target device. Spyzie functions in the background and records every minute piece of information from the target phone. 

The application then transmits all the recorded information with the help of a web browser. For Android users, Spyzie works without root and most of its features do not require root to function. 

Part 4: Is Spyzie Mobile Tracker for Free

Spyzie mobile tracker free allows users to access a free demo of its applications and features. However, the app comes with a pricing structure for the users. It has a Basic, Premium, and Family package with one-month, three-month, and twelve-month licenses, each with a different price range. 

Depending upon the selected package, the number of available features and accessible device numbers varies. The company guarantees 100% money back within 60 days in case the user is dissatisfied with the application. 

Part 5: How to Prevent Spyzie Tracking Your iPhone

Spyzie might be a handy software for many users who utilize the application out of good intentions and concern. However, the world of the internet has no shortage of unruly components ready to spy on you with the wrong intentions. 

This is where the accessibility and convenience of Spyzie alarm the users. But with applications like Tenorshare iAnyGo users can secure their privacy when it comes to their location and GPS tracker. 

Tenorshare iAnyGo is a software solution for those who wish to spoof their live location. The app allows the user to change their reflected live location without jailbreak and helps them customize their spoof route through one or many location points. iAnyGo comes with a comprehensive user-friendly interface. To use this application you need to follow the simple steps given below. 

  • Download and launch the app- Download the iAnyGo application on your computer. Once the download is completed launch it on your device. You do not need to change the application mode since it has its default setting for “Change Location”. 

    change location mode
  • Establish a connection – Next, you need to connect your device to your computer. Use a suitable USB data cable to establish this connection and ensure it stays intact throughout the process. Click the “Enter” button to initiate the process. 

    connect device to pc
  • Select the desired location – Now you need to select the desired location you wish to spoof on your GPS. Type the location in the search box and select the suitable option. Click on the “Start to Modify” option.

    change location successfully

And it’s done! All the location-based applications on your phone will now show the spoof location as your actual location. 


Spyzie mobile tracker might come in handy for a lot of people, but for many, it can be a privacy and security threat. Especially sensitive information like the current location of an individual going into the wrong hands can lead to severe trouble, this is where applications like iAnyGo save the day.