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List Of Pokemon GO Best Pokemon [Attackers and Defenders]

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2022-08-24 / Update for  change location

We always strive for the best in everything we do. If you are a crazy fan of Pokemon go then you may want to play with the best Pokemon. We know every trainer has their own preferences and choices and one person’s favorite can be boring for another person.

pokemon go best pokemon

In this guide, we have gathered Pokemon GO best Pokemon which should not be ruled out. These Pokemon stand as the best choice for every crazy fan of Pokemon go. So, let’s explore the details.

Pokemon GO Best Pokemon List-Attackers

Pokemon vary in their powers as attackers. In this section, you will get to know five good Pokemon attackers.

5: Machamp

Machamp is considered as one of the powerful attackers. However, on the frail side, it is a little. This Pokemon get distinctive advantage in fighting when you come across defensive Pokemon having weak attacking power. You can also run counter/dynamic punch to do well with this Pokemon.


4: Garchomp

Garchomp is a more powerful attacker than Tokegiss, Dragonite, Gyarados, and Drifblim. The best moveset of Garchomp includes Outrage and Dragon trail so this is the best move combination to attack Pokemon in the gym. Moreover, this combination of moves (which has the highest total DPS) is also best for PVP battles.


3: Lucario

It’s another best attacker Pokemon in the list which shares some features with Machanp. It has the ability to deal with the huge damage caused by common defenders. This Pokemon maxes at 2703CP and can access the Aura sphere. This sphere is the best place for fighting type charge and power up punch. This way, Lucario Pokemon boosts its overall attack progressively. This all sums up to make it a phenomenal attacker.


2: Rayquaza

This legendary Pokemon is only available in legendary raids. You cannot catch this Pokemon alone, however, a team of trainers can easily take it. If you get successful in catching it then you will be rewarded with the most powerful dragon types in the Pokemon go game. Its fast move is dragon trail and the charge move is Outrage and Hurricane making it a better all-rounder. However, you need to be careful to not go against ice-types since Rayquaza is weak here.


1: Mewtwo

Nothing can beat this strongest Pokemon GO as it has a CP of over 4000. Moreover, it shows devastating legacy attacks in psystrike and shadow ball. In neutral matchups, this Pokemon can deal with huge damage. All you need to do is set it up and see your opponent’s fall. This Pokemon is harder to come by and needs more stardust to power up. However, it’s worth it due to the power it owns to deal with the damage than all other attackers Pokemon on the list.


Pokemon GO Best Pokemon List-Defenders

If you are more into leaving at a gym to earn more daily coins then you surely need more powerful Pokemon GO defenders. Here is a list of best defenders who won’t disappoint you due to a good combination of defense and stamina.

5: Snorlax

Snorlax is a big bulky normal-type Pokemon that performs well as a defender. You can use it the same way you use top defender Pokemon and it won’t disappoint you. Leave it in the gym and it can handle the situation for you.


4: Chansey

If we would say that there is no downside of defending a gym with this Pokemon in a team then it would be right. This Pokemon has 487 stamina and that’s enough to kill the strongest enemies. Moreover, Chansey doesn’t suffer from CP decay. If it does then that’s very minimal. So, when it will defend the gym it won’t suffer from low CP over time. Its CP won’t decay fastly.


3: Metagross

If you are looking for a psychic-type defender Pokemon then Metagross is the best choice. Its fast move is Zen Headbutt and the charge move is Meteor Mash. This defender Pokemon performs excellently against fighting-type attackers. Moreover, it has superb stats and 10 type resistances. Apart from this, meteor mash under its belt makes it brilliant to deal with serious damage.


2: Slaking

Slaking Pokemon possesses the most CP compared with other Pokemon in the Pokemon go game. Moreover, it also has good defensive stats which make it the best defender. It’s weak against fighting-type attackers. Apart from that, it does great in holding a gym all day long. However, if you see it turning weak against fighting types then add Machamp counter to the roster.


1: Blissey

Blissey Pokemon comes in the first place when we talk about the best most powerful Pokemon GO defenders. That’s because of an obvious reason since it has a huge HP (496) and defense stat than any other Pokemon. It doesn’t throw much damage to the attack however its bulk will keep it in the place for a longer time.


Blissey can stand strong in the frontline while wearing the opposition down. If you see a Blissey present already in the gym to defend then try Chansey and Blissey’s unevolved form.

How to Get Pokemon GO Best Pokemon

With the best Pokemon, your trainer journey with Pokemon go becomes much more exciting. To hunt Pokemon go best Pokemon, try to participate in raids, use pokemon go maps to find spawn of some pokemons and PVP battles in the league. You need to explore the city to join more raids to increase the chance to catch these pokemons.

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The Bottom Line

Pokemon go best Pokemon offer real fun, especially during battles and raids. This is something every trainer desire to get in the game to make significant progress in the game. We recommend you to play Pokemon go with Tenorshare iAnyGo to catch these legendary best Pokemon in a quick way.