How to Block Facebook Websites on Personal Computer

Just recently, the social media giant 'Facebook' has crossed over 2 billion monthly active users' benchmark. Now, one can easily guesstimate how addictive a social network is. As a result of it, we often get to see that there is a block on Facebook website and other social networks on workplaces. Moreover, parents also wish to block Facebook website as their kids get too obsessed with it. Now, if you're reading this post, you must be looking for an effective and extensive guide to assist you block Facebook website and other social networks, right? Well, you're at the right place, we've specifically tailored this post to steer you through the step by step tutorial on how to block Facebook website on both Windows &; Mac PCs and also via the web browsers.


The Influences of Facebook and the Need to Block Facebook Website

Despite the fact that Facebook helps users to get connected with their loved ones easily, people tend to abuse this privilege. Users become so addictive to it that they spend endless time over it and forget almost everything about the real world, be it their office work and responsibilities or their exams or homeworks etc. etc.

Eventually, sometimes it becomes vital to block Facebook website and other social networks at work places to remove distractions that hamper the productivity of the employees. Moreover, parents too sometimes get tensed as their kids getting exposed to social networks like Facebook at an early age that may, eventually, turn them into a victim of cyber bullying. Hence, it is the essential in such cases to block Facebook website and other social networks to protect your kids and loved ones.

How to Block Facebook on Windows Computer

Here in this section we're going to explore about how to block Facebook website on a Windows computer with the help of the 'Host' file. Please ensure to follow the steps carefully or else your windows OS may get corrupted. Here's what you need to do.

  • Hit the 'Windows + R' button on your keyboard to bring up the Run box and type in 'system32' in the text field available. Hit 'Enter' afterwards.
run box system32
  • Next, get into the 'drivers' folder and look for 'hosts' file. You need to right click over the host file and select 'Notepad' option under the 'Open with' section.
host file windows
  • You're now required to type "" at the bottom of the file in the notepad window.
block facebook website
  • Lastly, save the file and reboot your PC. You're all sorted now.

Guide for Blocking Facebook Website on Mac

If you do now own a Windows PC, fret not. We're now going to explore the tutorial on how to block Facebook website on Mac computer.

  • Hit the 'Apple' icon on the top left corner and select 'System Preferences' option.
system preferences mac
  • Now, get into the Parental Controls section and then select the User account over which you wish to block Facebook website. Hit the lock icon at the bottom and key in your password in order to make further changes to the settings.
  • Then you need to get under the 'Web' settings tab and select "Try to limit adult websites automatically".
block facebook website mac
  • Hit 'Customize' button now and tap the '+' icon under the 'Never allow these websites' section to add '' to the list of blocked websites. Save the settings and you're all sorted.
block facebook website mac

Block Facebook Website Using Browser

Well, here we bring you quick and hassle free ways to block Facebook website using your browsers itself, be it Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or it is Internet Explorer. Follow the steps listed below carefully.

Google Chrome:

  • Launch the Chrome browser and get into Advanced Settings. Then, select the 'Open proxy settings' option under the 'System' section.
block facebook website chrome1
  • From the upcoming window, get under 'Privacy' tab and hit on 'Sites'.
block facebook website chrome2
  • Punch in the URL of Facebook ( in the field available and hit on 'Block'. Hit 'OK' afterwards.
block facebook website chrome3

Mozilla Firefox:

  • Launch the Firefox browser and choose the 'Settings/Options' from the top menu panel.
  • Now, get into the 'Privacy &; Security' tab from the left panel and then select 'Exceptions' button available under the 'History' section.
block facebook website firefox
  • Next, you need to add the Facebook URL in the respective field to block it.

Internet Explorer:

  • Launch the browser and hit on 'Tools' then choose 'Internet Options'. From the upcoming window, you need to get under 'Content' section and tap on 'Enable' button below 'Content Advisor'.
block facebook website explorer
  • Move under the Approved Sites section and enter the Facebook's website ( then hit on 'Never'. That's about it.
block facebook website explorer

How to Spy Facebook for Positive Needs?

Now, that you've known how to block Facebook website via your Windows or Mac PC itself and by browsers too. How about learning to spy Facebook just in case your blocking barrier is bypassed? Well, yes, the aforementioned methods are really helpful but are not full proof as someone with tech savvy skills can get through it. In such a case, you must seek help of undetectable monitoring software like Spyera that can easily and efficiently help you to keep an eye on your loved ones or kids to protect them from any threat. Here are few of the main features of this untraceable monitoring software.

  • With Spyera, you get the privilege to remotely monitor almost all smartphone devices running on Android or iOS firmware.
  • Moreover, you can also effectively monitor the activities carried out over a Windows or Mac PC as well.
  • This powerful tool helps you to monitor and manage your employees working in order to keep your project tasks progressing.
  • On top of all this powerful software offers you free updates over time to time so that you never go obsolete.
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