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 Transfer Data from Old Samsung to Samsung Galaxy S9

How to Transfer Data from Old Samsung Phone to Samsung Galaxy S9

May 07, 2018 04:07 pm / Posted by Jenefey Aaron to Android Data Recovery
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Changing smartphone is something you can't avoid, with time new devices are introduced for consumer user having high end specifications and beast performance. There is no reason why you don't want to switch your android device. Recently Samsung introduced their new flagship Samsung Galaxy S9 having top notch specs and quality built. If you have bought it and looking for ways to transfer contents from old device to Samsung Galaxy S9 then you can try the methods discussed below in this article.

Way 1: Using USB Cable to Copy Data from Old Phone to Galaxy S9

As simple it sounds, there is not much to do in this method, simply follow the instructions given below:

This method is simple and easy and will suffice but the only issue is you can't copy contacts, texts, call logs, notes and other data. If you want to transfer everything then follow through the article.

Way 2: Using Cloud Services to Transfer Files from Old Samsung Phone to Samsung Galaxy S9

Most of Smartphones users have moved towards cloud storage for most of the data and there is no reason you shouldn't use cloud storage like Google Photos, Google Drive and DropBox etc. These services will make your data portable and easily accessible anytime anywhere, all you will need is an internet connection. You can use Google Photos to transfer important photos and videos and can use Google Drive or DropBox for old samsung phone to S9 data transfer. If you have not been using Google Photos already, this is the best time to start using it. Follow these instructions to setup Google Photos for transfer of pictures and Videos and it will also keep them backed up.

This method will keep your photos and videos backed up and accessible everywhere if you want to transfer data from older android phone to S9, the best way is using Cloud storage. You can use Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive to store your documents and other formats of files too. These cloud service are getting better by time and provides cross platform support too. Whether you want to transfer data to new device or not, using cloud storage and services is one of the recommended thing to do, no matter what. It will keep your data safe and secure and in case of data loss, you can recover it easily.

Way 3: Using Google Contacts to transfer Contacts

Above methods work flawlessly to copy data from old phone to galaxy S9 but the only issue with them is they don't support transfer of contacts. Contacts are most essential form of data saved in any smartphone. There are number of methods for transferring contacts like creating VCard packages and moving them to other device but I will cover the best and robust way to copy contacts from a device to another device In order to transfer contacts follow these steps:

Bonus Tip: How to Recover Deleted Android Data

Most probably the above mentioned methods will help you transfer all of your data from older device to your new Samsung Galaxy S9 but for some reason if you face data loss, no worries you can recover that data using Android Data Recovery tool.

android data recovery

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery is one tap solution which can restore deleted or lost data in matter of seconds. It supports huge formats of data including multimedia and document files. All you need to do is download and install the program on your computer, connect your android phone and follow on screen instructions. It provides multiple data recovery modes, deep scan takes more time but can restore almost every bit of data safe and secure without any corruption issues. If you are not sure how to use it, you can check out Android Data Recovery Guide.

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