Is DiskWarrior The Best? What's The DiskWarrior Alternative?

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A lot of data and files are stored in our devices including phones and laptops. A lot of this data would be important and you never would want to lose them. So, it is not the question of if or if not you will lose the data on your device, but when it might happen. This is completely unpredictable. You can simply be updated your MacOS and your system may shut down with all the data being erased. Or you may have downloaded some files off the internet which may have infected your device with a virus. Either way it is always better if you regularly backup all the data on your Mac to prepare for such situations in future. Also, to eliminate corrupted files, it is better to have a software which diagnosis and repairs your Mac system in case of any sata loss threats. This is where DiskWarrior comes into the picture. Read on to learn more about DiskWarrior and DiskWarrior alternatives.

Part 1: The Basic Introduction of DiskWarrior

DiskWarrior is a utility software which is specifically designed to resolve any kind of directory damage which is causing instability in the performance of your Mac system. Of course Mac has the Disk Utility software built in for these situations. But this software just resolves the minor issues in your Mac system. Several times, Disk Utility fails at resolving major issues like corrupted volume headers, bad sectors and other such serious problems. In such cases, the third party tools come to the rescue. DiskWarrior is one such software which can help you repair your Mac system in such situations.



  • Repairs disk directories.
  • Repairs corrupted files.
  • Takes care of the invalid file permissions.
  • Solves boot blocks, etc.


  • Excellent preventive maintenance tool for Mac systems.
  • Optimizes the system’s directory.
  • Improves the performance efficiency of your system.


  • Does not support APFS volume repair.
  • Would not support the recovery of data from the APFS volumes which are corrupted.
  • The recovery partition of OS X complicates the booting process into system utility.

Part 2: Is There Any DiskWarrior Alternative for Mac?

DiskWarrior has been used by several Mac system users and has been approved by Apple as well to increase the security of data stored in your Mac device. Although DiskWarrior is great for all the Mac systems which are running on HFS, it still remains ineffective with High Sierra. All the High Sierras which have been updated to APFS cannot utilize the benefits of this software. This is why there is a need for a better alternative for DiskWarrior which can effectively assist in the repair in the Mac systems which are updated to APFS. In the next part of this article, we will give you some better alternatives to DiskWarrior which can be utilized by all versions of Mac systems.

Part 3: Top 3 DiskWarrior Free Alternative in 2019

Here are the top 3 software which can be used instead of DiskWarrior for eliminating the errors in the functioning of your Mac system.

Top 1: 4DDiG for Mac Data Recovery [Recommended]

The best DiskWarrior alternative Mac is Tenorshare 4DDiG for Mac Data Recovery software which has been specifically designed for the data recovery in Mac systems. So, you no longer would have to worry about accidentally deleting a file or losing it as through this software you can easily recover those files back. More than 550+ file types can be recovered with the help of this software. This tool comes packed with a lot of useful features, which can be helpful to run your Mac system efficiently.

tenorshare ultdata


  • Recover the formatted, deleted or lost data from your Mac system.
  • Restore any type of file from the hard drive and other external devices used for storage.
  • Data recovery rate is pretty high.
  • A secure way to get all your important data back.


  • More than 550 types of files can be recovered.
  • Data recovery is possible when in a variety of situations.
  • Offers wide compatibility.
  • Comes with a powerful set of features.
  • Supports easy operations.


  • It is not free.

Top 2: Drive Genius

Developed by Prosoft Engineering, Drive Genius is a partitioning and defragmentation tool which is a good DiskWarrior free alternative. This tool focuses more on the diagnosis of your Mac system than the repair of the system. With the help of this tool, you can scan an entire drive to detect problems which are slowing down the performance of your Mac system. This tool makes use of the defrag process to repair the problems.

drive genius


  • Protects your Mac system with malware scans, physical check and boot well feature.
  • Uses the repartition, find duplicates and large files features to clean up any corrupted files.
  • Speeds up your system, with the help of the defragment and speed features.


  • Works as an antivirus for your Mac system.
  • Performs pretty consistent malware scans.


  • It is pretty expensive.
  • Does not restore the lost or formatted data on your Mac system.
  • Even the damaged files cannot be restored with this tool.

Top 3: OnyX

OnyX is a completely free multifunctional utility software which has been created by Titanium Software. It has a number of powerful features inbuilt which can be pretty useful for performing basic repair operations in your Mac system. It has also been shown to enhance the performance of Mac systems especially the High Sierra version.

 onyx mac


  • Maintains and manages the files on your system.
  • Supports rebuilding data.
  • Helps in configuring the data on your system.
  • Performs disk repair as well.


  • It is available in multiple languages.
  • Registration is not required to use this software.


  • There is a specific version of this app for every version of MacOS and figuring that out may be a daunting process for the novice users.
  • The user interface needs a lot of improvement.
  • It is a little challenging to install and use for the first timers.

Part 4. How to Recover Files on Mac with Recommended DiskWarrior Alternative?

As you can see from the above points, DiskWarrior alternative is absolutely necessary. Out of all the top three DiskWarrior alternatives, Tenorshare 4DDiG for Mac Data Recovery is the best! Find out how to use it by following the steps given below.

Step 1 After installation, launch the software on your Mac screen.

Step 2 Select the location where you want to perform the operation and click “Scan”.

drag files out of trash

Step 3 After the scan, the results will get displayed on the screen, select the file type from the left column and choose the file which you wish to recover and click on “Recover”.

drag files out of trash

Step 4 Select the location where you want all the recovered files to get stored.

drag files out of trash

This is how easy it is to perform data recovery of lost, formatted or deleted files from your Mac system by making use of Tenorshare 4DDiG for Mac Data Recovery .


As discussed above, generating regular backups of the data on your Mac system is absolutely necessary in case you do not want to lose any important file or folder in future. Although even if you lose any data by deleting it accidentally there are still ways to recover it by using the third party tools mentioned above. Although all the above mentioned third party tools are excellent utility software for Mac, Tenorshare 4DDiG for Mac Data Recovery should be preferred out of all due to its extensive useful features.

  Updated on 2020-02-27 / Update for  Alternative

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