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iOS 9 Tips and Knowledge

How to Fix If iOS 9 Notes Not Syncing?
Notes App is always a handy place to record information that reminds you to conduct what you have planed. It is a good
How to Fix iOS 9 Cellular Data Usage Restrictions Not Working
Apple’s newly released iOS 9 contained little bug fixes. However users are still reporting iOS 9 problems, for example, they
How to Enable and Use iCloud Drive App in iOS 9
Before iOS 9, no iOS-based option is available to browse your iCloud drive, making it a frustration for many. The hood
6 Solutions to Fix iOS 9 Siri Doesn’t Work Issue
We know that the Siri is a powerful built-in function in iOS devices. You can make call, car play, navigate location, reserve
iOS 9 Spotlight Search not Working Properly: How to Fix
Overview: This post will discuss one of the major iOS 9 problems: iOS 9 spotlight search not working properly or spotlight
How to Use the New Features in iOS 9 Notes App
Apple has made the Notes app a lot more useful on iOS 9 by integrating it with several other stock apps, including Photos,
Top 15 iOS 9 Upgrade Problems and How to Solve Them
Since Apple kicked off the public iOS 9 beta, users can't wait to get themselves on the new operating system.
iOS 9 Update Guide: Can I Upgrade, Should I Upgrade and When to Upgrade
iOS 9 is launched. The new operating system software is quite tempting for Apple fans to install since it maintains cool features
7 Most Important Features of iOS 9: Improved Battery Life, Apple Music Service, 6-Digit Passcode and More
At WWDC 2015 keynote, 3 OS are revealed: iOS 9, OS X 10.11 El Capitan and Watch OS 2. For those who don't get a chance
How to Create Nested Folder in iOS 9.3 for iPhone/iPad
Most People spend hours of their day looking for glitches in numerous versions of Apple’s iOS 9.3 releases.

iOS 8/7/6 Tips and Knowledge

Should I Upgrade to iOS 8? 6 Things to Know Before Updating to iOS 8
iOS 8 has been available for update for some time. With new keyboards, HealthKit, Family Sharing so many
iPhone iOS 8.2 Update Causes iMessage Problem
Since the release of iOS 8, tons of users complain there are too many problems lingering, such as cellular
6 Things You Must Know about iOS 8 Keyboards
Just as eye-catching as iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in September, so is the iOS 8 keyboards. Why? Cuz they help to enlarge
iOS 8.2/8.1/8 update issues and solutions for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
Apple released iOS 8.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and the iOS 8.2's adoption is accelerating ever since. Nevertheless,
Camera Roll is Gone from iOS 8, How to Find Photos in iOS 8?
Just like the above problem from Apple's forum, is after updating to iOS 8, a lot of iPhone users are surprised to find out
How to Set Up and Use Family Sharing in iOS 8.2/8.1/8
With iOS 8, Apple finally introduced the all new Family Sharing to share purchased content, photos, locations and
Top 4 Questions on iOS 8 Wi-Fi Calling
WiFi calling is a great innovation of iOS 9.3 and the latest iPhone SE/6, and enables iPhone users to make and receive
How to Downgrade from iOS 8 Beta to iOS 7.1.1 (or from iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.2)
Upgraded to iOS 9.3/8 beta with a lot of expectations but then find many bugs and crashes along with iOS 8 beta?
5 Amazing Features For iOS 7 Beta
As we've been with iOS 7 beta for quite a few days, we found a bunch of surprises hidden within iOS 7 and new
Apple Releases iOS 7.1 with CarPlay and Bug Fixes
On Monday Apple released its first major update of iOS 7, iOS 7.1. Apple adds CarPlay to iOS 7.1. The software update also
How to Use the New iOS 7 Features
After waiting for one hundred days and several hundred bug fixes, the all-new design iOS 7 is finally available
How to Change Font Size on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Running iOS 7/6
Font size on iOS 7 is a lot different from that on previous iOS, which is smaller and somewhat hard to read. Good
Top 3 Questions on How to Upgrade iPhone, iPad and iPod to iOS 7
iOS 7 sports a revolutionary new design, under-the-hood features like Control Center and card-based multitasking,
How to Downgrade iOS 7 to iOS 6
Apple is still signing the most recent versions of iOS 6, but it may not do so for long. Therefore, if you feel uncomfortable
How To Turn Off iPhone Tracking System in iOS 7/7.1 and Protect Your Privacy
Apple introduced a couple of new things for advertisers in its upcoming iPhone operating system update, iOS 7, forcing
How to Turn On and Disable Safari Private Browsing in iOS 7
The Safari private browsing is only available in iOS 5 and later, which protect your privacy when surfing the internet.
How to Jailbreak iOS 6.x Device with Evasi0n
As an iOS device user, you must have heard of jailbreak for a long time. And there are quite a number of people crazy
How to Use iCloud Keychain on iOS 7 Devices and Mavericks
Have you ever been annoyed when you have to enter passwords on your iPhone and iPad even if you've already entered
iCloud Photo Library on iOS 8.1: Everything You Need to Know
This article tells you how to enable iCloud Photo Library, a new function brought with iOS 8.1 release, on iPhone/iPad/iPod as well as its 3 significant features.

iPhone 7/7 Plus Tips & How-tos

How to Use iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode to Take Better Pictures
iPhone 7 Plus is now becoming the most popular model of iPhone. What make it so different? Its camera has a lot of improvement than iPhone 7/SE/6s/6/5s/5...
How to Disable Live Photos on iPhone 7/7 Plus Permanently
Since iOS 10.2, Live Photo is turned on by default and reactivates itself every time you launch the Camera app...
Top Tips for Taking Underwater Photos with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
Apple has finally released its first water-resistant iPhone, that is, the newest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (including red iPhone 7/7 Plus). If you own an iPhone 7, you won't have to worry someone...
Top 2 Ways to Block a Number on an iPhone 7 Plus/7/6s/6
Is someone annoying you by calls on your iPhone? Here's how to block a number on your iPhone7 Plus/7/6s/6.
Top 4 Ways to Fix iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Won’t Turn Off
iPhone 7 plus won't turn off with spinning wheel? iPhone 7 won’t turn off due to the power button won’t work? iPhone 7 is frozen and won’t turn
Top 2 Ways to Create Folders on iPhone 7/7 Plus
When I hold down the App to for it to vibrate so I can drag into a folder rather than vibrate it gives me an app options drop down. I am wanting to
How to Change Font Size and Style on iPhone 7/7 Plus
Are you bored with the monotonous font style on iPhone 7/7 Plus running iOS 10? Or you just want to increase iPhone font size for your
3 Best Ways to Delete Music from iPhone 7/7 Plus
New changes have been given to Music Player interface on iPhone 7 running iOS 10. But there are moments when you want to get rid of
How to Unlock an iPhone 7/7Plus from AT&T
Apple’s latest iPhones namely iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are available on some of the popular carriers in the United States. This means that you can save some bucks
How to Resolve the iPhone 7 Cannot Restore from iCloud Backup Error
If you have updated your iPhone 7 to the latest version of iOS, then you are likely to face an issue pertaining to restoring the backup of your iPhone. The issue seems
[Solved] iPhone 7 - Camera Cannot Focus/Blurry on Far Objects
While Apple has tried their best to give you a superb experience with the camera on the iPhone 7, the camera is just not error-free. One of the issues
Quick Tips to Fix Bluetooth Problems on iPhone 7/7Plus
One of the many issues that users have recently been talking about was the Bluetooth issue on the latest iPhone 7. It seems the Bluetooth functionality just doesn’t
How to Fix Verizon iPhone 7/7 Plus LTE Connectivity Issues
It’s been some time since Apple announced their latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the markets and some people have started to complain about the issues
How to Fix the EarPods Crashing on the iPhone 7/7 Plus
Although Apple has tried their best to keep their latest iPhones error-free, there are still some errors on these new devices. One of these errors is that your EarPods crash
How to Customize the iPhone 7/7 Plus Home Button
With the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 7 Plus, you now have a new and enhanced version of the Home button on your device. If you have used the device, you would have noticed
iPhone 7/7 Plus Won't Charge, How to Fix It
iPhone 7 won't charge? Now read this article and learn about how to fix iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus won't charge?
Wireless Headphone AirPods- New Breakthrough on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
The headphone jack was one of the biggest mysteries about the iPhone 7 and a potential source of controversy.
Top 5 New Features of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
Apple has lunched the latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on September 7, 2016. Traditionally, the new phones come in two sizes, 4.7-inch screen and 5.5-inch screen, a
How to Activate Your New iPhone 7/7Plus
he new iPhone is released on September 7 come alongside with a branch of new features. For most people who got their new iPhone, the first thing first is to active and set up
iPhone 7 Rumors: Release Date, Features (Specifications, Design) and Images
When will iPhone 7 come out? What new specifications and design will iPhone 7 have? How does new iPhone 7 look like?

iPhone 6s/6 (Plus)/5s/5c/5 Tips & How-tos

How to Fix iPhone 6s Showing No Service or Searching Network Error Prompt
There is an issue that many iPhone 6S owners have been facing lately and the exact issue is that the iPhone just does not get network coverage or only shows searching
How to Fix the WiFi Keeps Getting Disconnected Issue on iPhone 6/6s
If you have an iPhone 6 and if it often gets disconnected from your WiFi network automatically, then you are not alone. There are many other users who have also
How to Fix the iPhone 6s Auto Shutdown Issue
After updating to the latest version of iOS, many users of the iPhone 6s have been facing the auto shutdown issue. What happens is that your iPhone 6s automatically
iPhone 6S: Everything You Need to Know
iPhone 6S is about to be released on September 9th, 2015. This passage will cover all-round details about iPhone 6S, including release date, design, camera, specs, price.
6 Things You Should Know about Apple Pay on iPhone 6/6 Plus
With the release of iOS 9.3/8/7, iCloud photo library and Apple Pay quickly become the hottest topic among the whole society,
iPhone 5S VS iPhone 5C, Which is Better for You
The combined sales of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C handsets topped 9 million units through their first weekend of availability
Everything You Need to Know about iPhone 5S Finger Print
iPhone 5S, which went on sale September 20, features a fingerprint sensor in its Home button for added security and faster
Best iFonebox Alternative for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch Data Recovery
I used iFonebox to recover my photos which I deleted by mistake last night. However, I found that it didn’t work
iPhone 5 Power Button Not Working? Apple Will Fix This for Free
For a long time, iPhone 5 users have been complaining that the Power button is not working. Finally Apple has
How to Permanently Delete Messages on iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S
Text messages don't actually get deleted. Even after I delete a conversation from iPhone, it can still be

iPhone Backup/Restore Tips & How-tos

Best Way to Backup iPhone 7/7 Plus/6s/6/5s/5 without iTunes 2017
Before jailbreak and update, backup your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch can be a wise choice, in case of losing important files and data. And iTunes can be an important tool for users to do so...
3 Options to Backup iPad Videos and Photos to Computer
As anyone could lose data due to deletion, system corruption, hard drive damage or other reasons, the best precaution
How to Back Up iTunes Library by Copying to External Hard Drive
There are various ways to back up iTunes library. Backing up to an external hard drive is a safe way as when your internal
How to Remove iPhone Backup Password
Once iPhone backup is encrypted with a password, you have to enter this password before you can restore the backup
Top 5 Free Ways to Backup iPhone/iPad/iPod for Windows and Mac
The best way to keep your data safe is backing up iOS devices. This article is going to share the best free solutions to help
iPhone Backup Lost, How to Get iPhone Data Back for free
Is it possible to restore iPhone files free when iPhone backup lost. I would say, yes. Actually, it is quite common to delete
How to Backup iPhone Data without iTunes or iCloud
Nowadays iPhone is not only a device for receiving calls and messages, we use it for fun and work every day. Your iPhone
How to Restore a Jailbroken iPhone
iOS has lots of restrictions to users, this is why many iPhone/iPad users tend to jailbreak their device to have full control of their device.
How Can I Quickly Restore iPhone without iTunes?
“Hi. Can you restore disabled iPhone 6 without iTunes? I am currently experiencing this problem and are you able to figure it out without having to go to
How to Backup WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to PC
You'll be introduced to an easy way of backing up WhatsApp messages to computer in this post. Read on and you'll find out more details.

iTunes Tips&How-tos

Other iPhone Tips & How-tos

Top 3 Amazon iPhone Photo Printer 2017
No matter how popular taking and collecting digital photos are, nothing beats the feeling of holding an actual print out photo. And talking about mobile photography and iPhoneography...
Everything You Need to Know About Apple Pay
Nowadays, mobile phones help us take care of our daily life, almost everything from communicating with others, get news from online, monitor our health...
How to Turn Off Automatic Renewal on iPhone
Tried out the trial version of an app for free, then you were charged soon as forgot to turn off its automatic renewal feature? Want to cancel a product but want to make sure whether it automatically renew or not...
5 Easy Ways to Backup WhatsApp Messages on iPhone and Android Phones
Chat Backup seems to have frozen at "Uploading: 16.8MB of 52.4MB (32%) on my iPhone. A few days ago, I tried to set up the...
Top 5 Solutions to Fix iOS Apps Stuck on Waiting during Downloading or Installation
Since updating to iOS 10, a couple of apps stuck at waiting in iOS 10, such as Facebook...
3 Ways to View and Download iCloud Backup to PC/Mac
This article shows you three different ways to access and download iCloud backup files to PC/Mac...
Ways to Fix Kik Constantly Crashing on iPhone and Android
Kik Messenger is a cross-platform IM app that you can use to chat with friends, send videos, photos, etc. Unfortunately...
Top 2 Ways to Convert Live Photos to Still Photos on iPhone
Live photo is a cool feature comes with iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, which allows you to capture 2 seconds of a live picture...
Top 8 WhatsApp Alternative Apps in 2017
WhatsApp is a widely popular messaging app nowadays for its safe and convenient messaging service. However, after the Facebook bought WhatsApp Messenger, users have been worrying that their personal data may be shared in Facebook.
Best 10 Games for iPhone 7/7 Plus - Top Rated iOS Games in 2017
Check to say the top rated iPhone 7 games we picked for you. They are the best games for fun, relaxing and learning. Check to see the innovative games that worth playing in 2017.
Top 3 iPhone Virus Scan Software in 2017
Looking for an antivirus app for iPhone? Here we will share the top 3 iPhone virus scan software to protect your iPhone from unwanted threats.
Top 2 Ways to Change Message/iMessage Background on iPhone without/with Jailbreak
Want to change color of text bubble on iPhone? Wondering how to change iMessage background for iPhone? The iPhone's native operating
The Ultimate Guide on How to Use Snapseed Photo Editing App on iPhone
Snapseed is a complete and professional photo editor. Featured with 24 editing tools and creative filters, it is one of the most popular
How to Open/Unlock an iPhone using Touch ID without Pressing the Home Button
iOS 10 has a subtle change to the lock screen. If you have updated to iOS 10, when you unlock your iPhone, you will notice that the “slide to unlock”
Top 3 Free Messaging Apps For iPhone
Instant messaging apps now take an important position in our daily life, but various apps make it difficult to choose a good one. As well as iPhone’s
Top 3 Apps to Read Text Messages While Driving
Please don’t use your phone while driving.” This slogan we always hear when in cars, and it is such a wise choice for us. However, when it
Top 3 Ways to Free Up iCloud Storage on iPhone
Suppose you are on a free iCloud storage plan, you might already know that you only have 5GB to hold your data. But you'll run up against the
How to Save Lovely Photos of your Baby from iPhone to PC
You may take a lot of lovely photos of your baby using your iPhone and want to save them as a souvenir, when your baby grew up, they
Top 3 Ways to Block Websites in Safari on iPhone/iPad
Want to block some inappropriatewebsite to prevent Kids from accessing some objectionable contents by accident when they are using you iPhone/iPad?
iFunbox Not Working? Best Alternative to Manage Files and Apps on iPhone
iFunbox is a popular app for managing files and apps on your iOS device. It’s free but then from a certain angle that’s not very reassuring. For example
Forgot iPad Passcode? How to Unlock Disabled iPad
It happens from time to time, someone taps in the wrong passcode too many times and you get the This iPad is Disabled message. Maybe your kids were playing with
Easy Steps to Jailbreak Your iPhone with Sn0wbreeze
Sn0wbreeze is a jailbreaking tool that allows you to jailbreak many of the models of the iPhone without much hassle. The only requirement for you to be able
How to Fix the AirPrint Issues on iPhone, iPad
If you have documents saved on your iPhone and you would like to get them printed, what you would usually do is transfer them over to your computer which
FreeMyApps-Best Choice to Get Paid APPs Free for You
Many people used to download and install colorful kinds of Apps in their iPhone in order to get the best user experience. However, not all
Easy Way to Make iPhone Ringtones with iTunes on Windows 10
Tired with the ringtones that come with your iPhone and want to set your own favorite song as the ring? Actually, it is necessary to download
Free Ways to Delete iCloud Account from iPhone/Mac/Windows
If you have multiple iCloud accounts, you may want to remove some of them to avoid confusing different ones. It is also necessary to delete
[Fixed] iPhone Says No SIM Card Installed
When I turned on my iPhone 6 today, it shows no SIM card installed. I tried several things: took SIM card out and put it b
2 Ways to Upload Photos to iCloud from Computer
Some people are used to saving photos in their PC instead of mobile device as the storage space is much larger in computer. However, if you want
Top 3 Ways to Fix Apple Watch Update Stuck
Apple Watch has attracted a lot of people as it brought much convenience to people’s life. It tracks health activity, allows sending and receiving messages
Top 3 Ways to Fix Apple Watch Stuck on Apple Logo
My Apple Watch currently stuck on Apple logo. After the watchOS 3 update, it won't turn on again, just the Apple logo appears and w
Top 3 Apple watchOS 3 Update Problems and How to Fix Them
Unable to update to watchOS 3? Apple Watch is stuck on Apple logo or boot loop after watchOS 3 update? An error occurred while
Top 3 Ways to Fix Stuck iPhone Flashlight (Won’t Turn on/off)
The flashlight button is like faded so it wont let me click on it.”
3 Ways to Recover Wi-Fi Password on iPhone
For reasons that are not important, I had to reset the network settings on my iPhone. After rebooting, I found that all of my saved Wi-Fi
Free Download Pangu to Jailbreak Your iPhone
If your iPhone runs any version of iOS that is launched in past couple of years, you will find that none of those old jailbreakig tools work for you unfortunately.
How to Fix the Issues After Jailbreaking Your iPhone with the Pangu Tool
Pangu is a really nice application that helps you easily jailbreak the iOS on your iPhone. Even the novice of the users can use the app to get their iPhones j
Top 10 Cydia Sources for iOS 10
After you jailbreak your iOS enabled device, you get a new app on your device called Cydia. This is the app that allows you to add new features to your device i
The Top 10 iOS Jailbreaking Tools for iPhone
Jailbreaking to iPhone is what rooting to Android. Jailbreaking means getting access to the files on your iPhone that iOS does not allow by default. The reason iOS
Top 3 Guides to Change Font on iPhone
If you are always using the power saving mode on your iPhone, small text size would be a little difficult for reading and may do harm to your eyes. Thus, i
3 Ways to Show Saved Wi-Fi Password on iPhone/iPad
I have a Net gear wireless router; don't know the model but it is probably their least expensive one. Anyway my iPhone 6 won’t remember the pass
Everything You Need to Know About Selling Your iPhone
Wondering to sell your old iPhone but don’t know where to sell your iPhone, how to get best price when selling iPhone or how to sell iPhone
How to Recover a Forgotten iCloud Password
Forgot iCloud (Apple ID) password? Here is how to recover your iCloud password securely using these easy steps to recover it.
Top 3 Ways to Fix the iPhone/iTunes Error 2009
While iOS is said to be the most stable operating system ever created, it still has its share of issues and errors. One of the errors most iPhone users face is the error
Top 5 Tools for iPhone to Enter and Exit Recovery Mode (Incl. RecBoot)
There are many reasons that people may want to put their iPhone into recovery mode and then exit it. If your device cannot be detected by iTunes
[Solved]Apple ID Verification Constantly Pop Ups on Your iPhone
Although you have entered the correct combination of username and password for your Apple account, sometimes your iPhone just keeps popping up a dialog
Pic Stitch-Easy Way to Create Photo Collage on iPhone
There are many photo editing applications are able to make collages on the market. This article will introduce you a creative way to display photos and make collages on iPhone.
How to Fix Safari Can’t Open the Page Can’t Find the Server Error Message
Everybody is connected to the internet these days. And with the ongoing mobile revolution, we are now using more mobile devices than the desktop computer to browse the
How to Unlock Your iPhone Without SIM Card
There are times when users need to switch carriers due to various reasons such as: going abroad, living in the area with poor receptions, want to change to cheaper providers
Top 8 Best Kept Secrets in Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans is discussed more than many other games these days. It's a game where you build your forts and train soldiers with elixir and other resources. Player can protect their own fort by purchasing cannons and shields
Apps Freezing and Crashing on iPhone, How to Fix
This article is going to share the possible reasons and fixes for apps freezing and crashing on iPhone 7/7 Plus/SE/6s/6s Plus/6/6 Plus/5s/5. Read on, please.
Top 3 Ways to Unlock Disabled iPhone without Passcode (including iPhone 7/6/5/4/SE)
Few things are more frustrating than a forgotten passcode. If you enter the wrong passcode into an iOS device six times in a row, you'll be locked out and a
How to Restore iPhone Data without iTunes or iCloud
My iPhone 7 is disabled but when I tried to connect it with iTunes and restore, itasked me to update and restore. I tried that but it didn't work.
Top 2 Ways to Factory Reset an iPhone without Passcode/iTunes
The passcode on your iPhone safeguards your data from unauthorized people. So that when your iPhone goes into another person’s hands, your data is secure and protected
How to Get More Sponsor Apps, Offers or Credits on FreeMyApps
Read this article and learn about how to get more sponsor apps, offers or credits on FreeMyApps iOS.
Snapchat Down or Not Working? 9 Common Snapchat Problems & Fixes
Snapchat not working or down on iPhone? Here we list 9 common snapchat problems on iPhone and possible fixes to them. Read on, please.
How to Stop Running out of Data on iPhone
This article shows you a few ways to save cellular data on iPhone. You can use these solutions to prevent the exceeding data on your iPhone.
How to Erase Data in Old iPhone before Selling
This article introduces a few practical ways to completely wipe data on your old iPhone before selling it.
How to Delete a Snapchat Message
Detail steps (with pictures) to tell you how to delete unwanted snaps, remove snapchat story, or delete a snap account.
7 Apps to Set up Fake Calls on Your iPhone to Get out of Boring Dates and Meetings
In this article we introduce 7 free apps to schedule and set fake calls on your iPhone to get you out of boring dates or meetings or other awkward situations.
Top 4 Tips about Do Not Disturb on iPhone
Set your iPhone's Do Not Disturb mode for better sleep, more focused meetings and other unwanted disruptions. Learn how to manage Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S, 5, 4S etc.
How to Share Wi-Fi Connection from a Mac to an iPhone
This post is a tutorial on how to share WiFi connection from a Mac to an iPhone. Check it now.
How to Turn Off Find My iPhone App on Device or on Computer Remotely
This article teaches you how to turn off Find My iPhone app on your iOS 8.1/8/7.1 device or on the computer remotely.
Direct link to download iOS firmware files for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
Direct link to download new released iOS 8.2 and previous versions of iOS firmware for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPad and iPod Touch.
Tips for Buying a Used iPhone
When you are planning to buy a used iPhone, there are more to pay attention to than buying a new one. Check to see where to buy a used iPhone and things to watch out.
Top 4 Q&As You Need to Know about Mavericks
OS X Mavericks is available from the Mac App Store since October 22. You'll find out all info about Mavericks including what's new in this update and what to prepare before upgrading.
How to Find Lost, Stolen iPhone with Find My iPhone App
Worried that your iPhone might get lost or stolen and you'll never get back iPhone as well as the data on iPhone? Things can be different. Read this post to learn how to use Find My iPhone app to find lost or stolen iPhone.
Top 10 Must-Known WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for iPhone and Android Phone
Even though you have been using WhatsApp on your iPhone for years, there might be tips that you don't know. Read on to get top 10 must-known tips on using WhatsApp.
2 Solutions for You if You Want to Print from an iPhone
This article focuses on how to print from iPhone. Read carefully the 2 solutions offered in this article and you can easily print from iPhone.
How to Put iPhone/iPad/iPod into DFU Mode
This guide details how to enter into DFU mode on iPhone, iPad and iPod as well as other knowledge on DFU mode. Read on to get detailed information.
How to Factory Reset iPhone, iPad and iPod
Factory reset could make your iPhone, iPad and iPod look like a brand new device and solve some software problems. Read this post to learn how to factory reset iPhone, iPad and iPod.
Top 5 Ways to Share Videos from iPhone
Apple does not make sharing videos on the iPhone as simple as it does for photos, using Photo Stream. Thanks to several third-party applications, like Dropbox and YouTube, you can upload selected videos and share links to them quickly.
How to Use AirDrop to Share Files
iOS 7introduces AirDrop to iOS devices and makes file sharing easier. This post explains how to share files with AirDrop on iOS 7 devices.
How to Use FaceTime on iPhone, iPad and iPod
This article explains how to use Facetime on iPhone, iPad and iPod as well as how to set up FaceTime on your iOS devices. Follow us to learn these easy tips and you can then make video calls with friends.
Mac OS X Mavericks Beta 3: Features and Installation Guide
Apple seeded the third developer preview of its next-gen Mac operating system on the 8th of July, OS X 10.9 Mavericks, with minor under-the-hood changes. This post focuses on how to install Mac OS X Mavericks.
How to Sync iPhone Contacts with Google Contacts
Google announced an easy way for iPhone users to sync Gmail contacts to iPhone using an open protocol called CardDVA. This post focuses on how to sync Google contacts to iPhone using this tool.
DFU Mode VS. Recovery Mode: What's the Difference?
What's the difference between DFU mode and recovery mode? During iOS firmware update, jailbreak, factory settings restore, etc. you'll need them from time to time. Read on to get detailed info on both modes, which will help you use DFU mode and recovery mode correctly.
Top 5 Free Wallet Apps for iPhone
Your iPhone can act like your wallet with the help of iPhone wallet apps. If you want to make purchase easy, you can't miss the best iPhone wallet apps mentioned in this post. They are free to enjoy!
Top 10 Free iPhone Games
From Apple's App Store you can download a lot of free iPhone game apps. This post summarizes the top 10 free iPhone games for your consideration.
Top 15 Free Ringtone Downloads for iPhone
This post offers some free iPhone ringtones for free download. Listen and choose the best iPhone ringtone download for your iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S.
8 Things to Do When You Get a New iPhone
What are the things you should do first when you just get a new iPhone? This article tells you first 8 things you can do, which can help you set up your iPhone and use it for various uses.
Top 5 iPhone Apps to Make Free Calls
There are apps that allow you to make free calls on your iPhone. Here we summarize the top 5 iPhone apps for free calls. Just pick one and enjoy chatting with your friends free of charge.
How to Identify, Edit and Fill in Music Info in iTunes (iTunes 11, 12 Included)
This post mainly focuses on how to edit music information in iTunes, including iTunes 11, 12, and 3 free iTunes music information finders are also revealed.
A Quick Guide to Print iPhone Text Messages, Photos, Contacts, Notes, Calendar
Is it possible to print text messages, photos from iPhone? Sure! You can print out text messages, pictures, contacts, notes, calendar etc. from your iPhone running iOS 8, 7, 6. Free download the iPhone printer and have a try.
How to Set Up iMessage on iOS Devices and Mac
iMessage allows iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac users to send messages for free. Learn how to set up iMessage on iOS devices and Mac.